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Dyspepsia, enterocolitis

Diverticulosis, székrekedés, puffadás

Biliáris dyskinesia (akaratlan mozgás), Cholecystitis (epehólyag-gyulladás) Postcholecystectomical szindróma

Gombás és parazitás fertőzések

Krónikus májgyulladás, májzsugorodás

Krónikus pancreatitis (hasnyálmirigy gyulladás)
Kategória: Betegségek Kezelése | Hozzáadta: GinoBig (2011-12-11)
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Összes hozzászólás: 1
I'm old enough to reeembmr seretonin and how intravenous transfusions were supposed to cure our sick kids.I think we need to take a frank approach to this issue. Part I Kids are curious they like to pick things up and put them in their mouths. Do that enough and you are going to get some bacteria and as a result the splats. Take away the typically developing kid's ability to limit this through social disapproval, and you have a lot of tasting and mouthing, fiddling and mouthing and - more splats. (I wonder if our kid's immune systems are stronger as a result though?*)Part IIKids with a limited diet and poor body tone, may suffer from constipation too. The pain of constipation or "impacted bowels" as some parents describe it can be self perpetuating as the kids are fearful of going to the loo and hold on.Getting fruit and fibre into their diet is difficult as they often have heightened taste and texture sensitivity which makes such foods repellent. It isn't just fussiness, I met enough Aspies in the wine industry to know that many people with autism have a very sensitive palate. (in the wine industry this is a skill!)So you have plain diet - lots of simple starches and the gut gets glued up. Add to that the fact that some of our kids have hypotonia and going to the loo can become an issue for them - especially coupled with the extra pressure of a toilet training program implemented to schedule.Getting a bit of fibre or fruit juice into the diet (sneaking in some soft wholemeal bread as we did) and ensuring they make time to go daily (a stack of reading material in the loo helps, followed by a fun bubbly bath) and you can find things a lot "easier".This is just logic speaking, but it makes a bit more sense than the whole "leaky gut" or "food becoming morphine" theories that you hear flouted by Dr-Curebies. Not sure if I will get a publishing deal out of "don't eat stuff off the ground but do eat more fruit and fibre" though.xx*ps. we had a kid with pica in Boo's first school. we called him "the bush tucker kid" as he ate branches, leaves, dirt and sand. He bit a teacher once and it took months to find an antibiotic to treat her as the kid carried a bacteria in his mouth - that he was immune to. (commonly found in potting mix)

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