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Dátum: 2012-03-16 | Tag-ek(kulcsszavak): European Union | Hozzáadta: GinoBig
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1 Stefan  
hei elisabeth, thank you for gnviig us the chance to pepper you with question. here is one are one or two of mine how do you find the balance between work', creating' and privat life'? for my part i have to admit, the more succesfull my own label gets the less time is left for creating. for example, do you have assistance with processing the orders? or do you still do everything on your own?i think it's really important to learn to hand over control, just to have the time for the really important things. but for sure its not easy, especially as long as you can't pay an assistant or help like me. so you have to find a good way to organize and manage your days. to say no, to know your limits without losing yourself i'm still fighting this problem every your blog draws a picture of a real successfull woman who knows to find the time for her business, to create new things and at least for her family. i'm sure this picture is just a small part of your real life? but do you have any hint or advice?my last question (for now), you mentioned the hive' some days ago. do you attend?(hope my english is not as cruel as is think)thank you so muchrike

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